Hi, I’m Kay.

Actually, my name is Kayla. Last name, Cline, but most people call me Kay (unless you’re my mother who calls me Kayla Marie). I’m a 24 year old Graphic Designer living, designing, and thriving as a San Diego beach junky (only on the weekends because you know, some of us have to work). If you know a little about Graphic Designers, you know we love telling stories. So, here’s my “How I Became a Designer” story (the following story is long, so feel free to skip ahead and go straight to my work or college portfolio).

I grew up in Sacramento, California with my parents and two younger sisters. The city of Granite Bay, to be exact. I was consistently surrounded by dogs, books, tennis balls, and your typical sketching supplies, pencil, pen, and a blank piece of paper. I was the artsy-fartsy type, who could spend hours recreating a character or design until I was convinced it looked almost identical to the original (or I was going to be late for tennis camp). I would sketch my days, and sometimes nights, away.

Okay, let’s skip ahead to high school.

Art 101, Intermediate Art, Advanced Art, Photography 101, and Advanced Photography. I took every art class our high school offered. I thought it was always going to be a hobby. At the time, I thought I had more of a chance being a professional tennis player, than using my artistic abilities to make money.

College. Let’s all laugh at the fact that I, Kay, first went to college convinced I was going to be a Chemistry major and maybe become a Pharmacist. HA! That worked out well. A couple of struggling, barely passing grades later, and I decided maybe that wasn’t meant to be. So I took a Graphic Design class, not knowing entirely what Graphic Design was, but knowing I needed a few more credits to pass Santa Barbara City College and move on to the next chapter. By the way, I had switched from Chemistry to Undecided, which in essence means “I have no fucking idea what I’m doing.” BUT, low and behold, I wasn’t too bad at this Graphic Design class. I actually kind of liked it… Hmmm.

Three years later (after many hiccups), I graduated from the Academy of Art University with my Bachelor’s in Graphic Design. With a few small freelance design jobs under my belt during my last few semesters in college, and a few months of searching while technically being unemployed, I landed my first adult job.

Now here I am today! I am currently the Graphics and Marketing Coordinator at Invivoscribe, Inc. What the heck is a Graphics and Marketing Coordinator? Basically, I am their Graphic Designer, and I coordinate everything to do with their trade shows. I have been working there for a year, and I have learned A LOT. Mostly company politics, which college did not prepare me for. Just kidding. I’ve worked on so many projects in the past year. Email campaigns, flyers, catalogs, advertisements both print and digital, postcards, social media, booth designs, apparel designs, a WordPress website, you name it. I’ve worked directly with the Product Managers, the Creative Director, the Head of Sales and Marketing, the Head of Business Development, and even the CEO to come up with clever designs that fit the branding of the company. College taught me a lot, but working at a fast-paced biotech company with a Marketing team has taught me so much more.

Story finished. The End. Best Regards. Have a great day.